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Pinterest has some of the top travel quotes in the world featured on their site, and Maupintour has created a list of our 10 favorite travel quotes in pin form. Did any of your favorites make the list? Let us know what your favorite travel quote is on Pinterest! Follow Maupintour Extraordinary Vacations’s board Maupintour’s […]

Looking for the best travel books to read, whether at home or on the road? Choosing the top 5 best travel books was an extremely challenging task for an avid reader of the genre, and cutting out some of my favorite books was difficult. Nevertheless, I’m confident in my selections – here’s a list of […]

If you’re looking to put a little adventure into your next trip, look no further than Norway. You’ll notice that nature is a theme here. Any Norwegian will tell you there is no such thing as poor weather, only poor clothing – get outdoors and explore this hidden gem! Here are our top 5 things […]

 South Africa is the land of adventure. If you are planning to travel to South Africa, these are the must do activities while you’re there. I took a trip in late 2013 and I can’t say enough about the amazing people, places, and wild life. Below are the Top 5 Things to do in South Africa.  […]