Making a list of the top 5 beer destinations was tough, but we’re confident in our selections. Think this list is terrible? Can’t understand why Canada/Japan/Ghana didn’t make the list? Sound off in our comments section, we’re game. Here’s our list of the top 5 beer destinations.

5. Ireland

Despite what you may think, 60% of the beer sold in Ireland is actually lager, so there are options. But, if you’re like most thirsty travelers who head to the island for a pint, you’ll want to grab a mug of the dark stuff – Guinness trumps all here. Red-ales like Smithwick’s are also not to be missed, so get your tasting hat on, and probably bring some Advil for the next morning. If you love beer, a trip to Ireland is for you.

Beer in Ireland guinness

4. The Netherlands

Grolsch, Amstel, Alfa, the list goes on. Be sure to try all of these on your next trip to Holland. This is a nation that prefers pale lagers, with Heineken and Grolsch being the leaders in sales. Brewers in the Netherlands are hard at work, exporting over 50% of their production, more than any other country in the world by proportion. While pale lagers are the drink of choice, you should definitely check out the witbier (white beer) and Bok while you’re in Holland – they’re stellar.

beer netherlands

3. Belgium

Dating back to the first Crusades, the brewing tradition in Belgium has been around for centuries. And with over 178 breweries packed into this tiny country, you’re sure to find something to write home about when traveling to Belgium. From the typical blonde Belgian ale Duvel, to the pils or pale lager (see Stella, Jupiler), Belgium has a wide selection. On a separate note, Belgium tops our list for funkiest beer glasses by a mile.

beer - belgium

2. The USA

Prohibition in the early 20th century left the USA with only a few large producers of beer, with American lager being the most popular beer of choice. However, recently craft breweries have been popping up from Boston to Denver, with some really outstanding beverages being produced. Milwaukee, St. Louis, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Seattle – pick a city – there’s some great beer available.

beer - usa

1. Germany

This is a beer drinkers country, ranking 4th in the world for per-capita beer consumption.The wheat beer in particular is our favorite, with choices ranging from Weizenbock to Hefeweizen…they’re all awesome. If you’re going for the beer, Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world held for sixteen days (actually starting in September) and highlighting all of the amazing beer Germany has to offer. All beer lovers must make the pilgrimage to Munich at least once, a trip to Oktoberfest will leave you thirst-less. If you’re looking for a beer destination with lots of variety, Germany will do just fine.

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